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  • Regisseur von 'Incendies'
  • The dating world is a hideous business. We're taught that to woo, to romance, to love; the man must cover his beloved in all manner of monetary adoration and personal torment. He must buy overpriced roses, grandoise gifts and wallet-burning meals every Valentine's Day. He must take his beloved, or hope-to-be-beloved, to romantic comedies and five-tissue romances. On the flip side, the woman is expected to groom, to woo (though all bets are off when the fish is caught) and to offer up sexual spoils to show her appreciation (though not required). If she's super-swell, she might give the guy a day off now and then to partake in his burly deeds and see his manly friends, but ultimately, she just has to keep him marginally entertained … and rule him with an iron fist of feminity.

    And it all starts with the "date movie."

  • The movies have some valuable lessons to teach us about bedroom shenanigans. For here are 15 films that might just put you off sex altogether…

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